Plant List

Edwards Pearson Guillotine (4mtr)

Amada EMK 3610NT With MP300

Amada Vipros 368 King

Amada Vipros 358 King With MP250

Amada Pega 358 x 2

Amada F1 4Kw Laser

Amada HFE 130-4

Amada HFE M2 1003

Amada M2 8025

Amada HFE 50-20

Amada HFE M2 5020

Amada Promecam

Precision Welding Bays x 12

Fabrication Welding Bays x 6

Spot Welders x 3

Pem Inserters x 4

Stud Welder x 3

Assembly Area

Secal Sheet Metal (Midlands) Ltd also operate a fully equipped paint shop including automatic and manual lines plus a prototyping cell including Pierce All & Notcher.